Why Modern Customer Service Technology

Why Essential Service Provider Companies Should Embrace Modern Customer Service Technology

Health Care Provider and othercompanies that provide people with critical and valuable servicesthat consumers have come to rely on, needs to provide excellent customer service. Given the increasing number of customers they must support, these companies would certainly benefit from implementing strong customer service offerings. Poor customer service and disorganized call centres can not only be frustrating for consumers, but also have a negative impact on the company’s revenue, customer retention, and business acquisition.

Poor Customer Service Means Poor Business Results

When it comes to a company’s bottom line, poor customer service is no joke. A study by American Express showed that 77% of customers have chosen not to make an intended purchase due to a poor customer service experience.

Not only does poor customer service prevent essential service provider companies from acquiring new customers, it can also cause them to lose current customers to competitors. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that 73% of customers who had a positive experience with their services providers were still members after a year. On the other hand, less than half of customers who had a poor experience were still members after a year.

The Reason to Smile for Essential Service Provider Companies

The good news is that a strong customer service strategy can easily help set such companies apart. A few simple changes can dramatically improve a brand’s reputation. Allowing customers to easily make changes to their preferences, implementing 24/7 access to multichannel support, and implementing CTI & Follow up technology can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels.

Companies would be wise to set themselves apart from their competitors by embracing modern customer service technology. It’s a win-win for customers and companies alike.

Big announcements this year include the launch of two new cloud contact centers called Edify and Thrio; a new contact center from Vonage called CX Cloud Express (based on their acquisition of NVM which we covered here); and the rebranding of Polycom/Plantronics as “Poly.”

Role of a customer service in service industry

Every single customer on this planet seeks an unbelievable experience with a company.

Customer service is the term used to describe what happens at the points at which the customer comes into contact with the business and it continues with the delivery of the product and the after-sales service. Having an efficient and prompt inbound customer service is as important as having a great product and services. In absence, you risk losing out on your valuable customers to your competitors. High quality customer service helps to create customer loyalty. Customer service is managed by highly-skilled and best-trained call centre agents. Most important part of their job is providing customers with excellent customer service; and even more than that, their job is to create satisfied and happy customers who want to return and do business with providers.

Research Says:

  • 67% of customers, who stop buying from one business and go to another, do so because of poor or indifferent services
  • 15% leave because of unsatisfactorily resolved dispute or complaint
  • 10% leave because of price
  • 7% go elsewhere based on a recommendation
  • 1% die

This means 82% goes somewhere else because of a customer service issue!

Knowing that 86% of clients stop doing business with a company because of poor customer service, you need to make sure customer service is always a priority for your offline and web-based business and part of your customer retention plan.

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