About Us

Eclat Enterprise leads the industry by providing Marketing and Business Processing Outsourcing services to clients across the globe. Our wide range of outsourcing services that we offer is backed by our people with a strong domain knowledge and vast experience that cuts across industries and technologies.

Eclat Enterprise (E.E), as the name suggests is synonymous with ‘Trust & Respect’ for those of our clients’ as well as those of our associates. E.E. has its branches and associates in all major cities in India and overseas. Our dedicated team strives to provide world class services to each client. We professionally manage quality and offer end-to-end solutions as per client requirements.

What Makes Us Different?

Our entire solutions portfolio is structured and designed to help the clients become an originator of memorable experiences for their customers. E.E. endeavors to provide quality service with integrity and passion. With our best-in-class outsourcing services we help small and big companies to take their business to the next level.We have Technologies driven solutions and state-of-the-art infrastructure

By focusing on what’s important for our clients, we are speaking the client’s language and we are subscribing to the client’s vision of what they want their business to be. In essence, we are the trusted custodians of our client’s brand. E.E. manages, enables, extends, and enhances business experience for its clients. We enable you to outsource our wide array of business functions that will augment your expertise, so you can focus on more critical activities while enjoying significant cost savings.

Our Vision

To be the B.P.O. and Marketing partner recognized for the exceptional performance of our team and the innovative nature of our approach to solving business challenges.

Our Mission

To be known by our clients for our honesty, integrity and ability to deliver our services that bring value to their organization.

Our Four Strategies

  • Develop lasting relationships with customers
  • Exceed Productivity Standards
  • Continuously identify and adopt best practices to deliver consistent quality and minimize costs
  • Develop and reward synergistic teams

Core Values:


We believe people solve similar challenges in different ways, and recognize that those solutions and their positive business results may come from any level within our organization


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, intent, and results

Passionate Performance

Exceptional ideas only become reality through the actions of those individuals passionate about bringing them to life. We embrace the idea of people performing each day in ways that make a positive impact


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, with a commitment to always do the right things

Our Quality Policy

  • Our goal is to maintain the highest levels of agent performance for our clients.
  • We are committed to providing clear and consistent processes that focus on exceeding our client’s requirements
  • We continuously measure performance, thereby driving process improvement and customer satisfaction.
Our approach is to monitor daily performance and assist in strategies that achieve your goals.This approach includes collecting and analyzing data from the following sources:
  • Quality management tolls and processes
  • System reports
  • Supervisor and manage meetings
  • Real-time goal management