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Why Modern Customer Service Technology

Why Essential Service Provider Companies Should Embrace Modern Customer Service Technology Health Care Provider and othercompanies that provide people with critical and valuable servicesthat consumers have come to rely on, needs to provide excellent customer service. Given the increasing number of customers they must support, these companies would certainly benefit from implementing strong customer service […]
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Tested and Trusted

The Eclat Enterprise is one of the leading BPO and Marketing companies in global market. It’s often the venue & platform for major announcements, customer retention program and brand promotion activities from the leading companies. It was here that Vedant announced Medical Helpline. It was here that NM started Patient-Centric Call Centre. It was here […]
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Hello world!

The Opportunity for Brands With digital push notification comes a new set of targeting opportunities for digital marketers. Brands will increasingly be able to reach audiences on-the-go. E.E., for example, could drop customers an ad based on something they’ve done online. New Trend for Brands With automated ads in vehicles comes a new set of […]
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