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Digital Push Notification (Desktop & Mobile)

Our digital push notifications are clickable rich content messages sent to your customer’s device by a website or a web application. Smart notifications can be sent to your customer’s device, mobile or desktop, even when the user is not on your website. Our notifications get delivered in real-time, even if the users are offline when they are sent. Also, no need to have an app to get the benefit of mobile push notifications. So, we don’t have to create a mobile app just to get the benefit of digital push notifications on mobile. With the help of our solution, you can easily send banner, image, message to your customers on their mobile phones and personal computers.

Our awesome Geo-fence capabilities allow you to send auto Geo-fence messages to any device automatically when it is located in a selected area.


  • Stimulate customer engagement
  • Re-engage/retain customer
  • Visual statistics for every campaign
  • Send scheduled push notification messages with repeater times
  • Powerful panel to manage your registered devices token
  • Smart tool to remove the duplicate tokens data

Explainer Video

People love visuals and being shown things rather than a large complex block of text.

An explainer video introduces, explains, and advertises your company in a short clip that is usually 2-3 minutes in length. Explainer videos are a perfect tool for attracting customers to your brand and telling them about the key benefits and features of your product & services. As videos work with animation, live-play, sound and compelling storytelling, your audience will easily feel identified and better engage with them.

Our unique explainer videos have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for any kind of businesses. Our explainer videos engage your viewer and can potentially turn them into a customer. Our explainer videos also build brand trust.

If you have not yet considered the benefits of a product explainer video, you may be missing out on an extraordinary spike in brand recognition and revenue.

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